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"Wings Palette"
Huge archive of color structures of an aviacamouflage — more than 20000 images. Monthly updating — 5500 new images. The irreplaceable assistant моделистов and fans (amateurs) of aircraft.

Site "Aircraft" — the sale of aircraft, helicopters and accessories thereof.

"Antonov An-2"
Owners and friends web page.

"Cardboard Army"
Warehouse for fans(amateurs) of scale models from a cardboard.
On this site you will find the description of cardboard model An-2 and can order it(her),
And also the description and an opportunity to order practically all cardboard models.

"Call of the sky"
Site for fans(amateurs) of aircraft and all enamoured in the sky.
On a site figures, clauses(articles), to the publication, works of art and publicism on aviation subjects, and also links to "favourite" aviation resources are presented to a photo of various types ВС.

"A gold era of the Russian aircraft"
Belova Alexander and Goncharov Igor's homepage. Modelling (restoration) of historical scripts, flights, local sights and flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Moscow regional regional branch of Federation of fans of aircraft of Russia.

Avia-forum is constructed on a modern program platform with registration, a chat, the guest book, avianews, an opportunity to publish clause and comments to it, creation of the closed themes for dialogue.

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An-2 plane
All about An-2 plane. Flight simulator, technical support of An-2, modernization, drawings, characteristics, modifications. Photos of An-2, stamps, badges, envelopes, coins with the plane images, a song about An-2.

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