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Technical support plane An-2, aviation repair factories

Placement of the information received from aircraft repair facilities.

Dear visitors, don't forget to check the certificates
and license agreements of the agencies you choose!

Repair, modernization of the engine for the An-2 ASh-62IR with electronic fuel injection (EFI)

  Executor: Aircraft Repair Plant WSK "PZL-Kalisz" S. A.
Address: WSK "PZL-Kalisz" S. A., Str. Czestochowa, 140, Kalisz,
Wielkopolskie Voivodship, Poland, 62-800
Контактное лицо: Zdislaw Drutcharek
Phones, fax: +48 (62) 504-6731, +48 (62) 504-6177
E-mail: chrzanowski_r@wsk1.kalisz.pl, salesdept@wsk.kalisz.pl

WSK "PZL-Kalisz" S. A. — Aviation company, operating since 1952 located in Poland.
WSK "PZL-Kalisz" S. A. is a manufacturer of new piston aircraft engines ASz-62 IR, also known as Ash-62IR (АШ62-ИР), for the An-2 plane (Antonov). Aviation Company specializes in repair and maintenance of reciprocating engines ASh-62IR for the An-2 plane. The company is certified for compliance with all requirements of the European aviation safety standards.
       Modification of aircraft engine ASz-62IR, which will be released in the 3 rd quarter of 2010, equipped with electronic fuel injection (EFI). For aircraft engine ASz-62IR certificate obtained by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as well as the aeronautical authorities: the U. S., Canada, Brazil, Argentina and China. We have begun the process of certification in accordance with federal aviation regulations in Russia; this certificate is valid for most countries of the former Soviet Union.
       We are ready to offer you new equipment, spare parts, engines for the An-2 plane, as well as accessories and technical documentation. We can deliver to you our products.


An-2 plane capital repair available
from October to January

  Executor: Open joint-stock company "Zavod № 26"
Address: OJSC "Zavod № 26", Airport "Plehanovo", Tyumen, 625025, Russia
Phones: +7 (3452) 432-304, 432-373, 432-544
Fax +7 (3452) 432-151
E-mail: office@zavod26.tyumen.ru
The plant was founded in 1941 to maintain military aircrafts and aerotechnics.
Now it is the leader among the aircraft maintenance agencies in Western Siberia and the Urals.
About 90% of all the maintenance work is done here.


An-2 plane upgrading

  Executor: Closed joint-stock company "Rapid"
Contact person: Konstantin V. Dorgovtsov
Phone +7 (921) 336-0045
E-mail: info@zvezda.su
The main goal of this project is full upgrading of An-2 model, which includes replacement of reciprocating engine with turboprop engine and other measures as well. Read more…


Partial and capital An-2 repair

  Executor: Khabarovsk aircraft repairement plant
Address: Zaparina str. 1, Khabarovsk, 680020, Russia
Phone +7 (4212) 325-596
Fax +7 (4212) 325-596
The plant was founded in 1931 (then it was only workshops).
We offer engine repair, partial and capital An-2 repair.


We repair: An-2 planes, ASIR-62IR engines,
АV-2 propellers, aircraft systems and accessories

  Executor: Сlosed joint-stock company "Shakhty aircraft repair plant" ROSTO
Address: Aeroflotskaya str, 1, Shakhty, Rostov region, 346523, Russia
CJSC "Shakhty aircraft repair plant" ROSTO
Phone +7 (8636) 229-788
Fax +7 (8636) 229-709
E-mail: arz-shaht@shakht.donpac.ru
The main activity — capital repair and light aircraft maintenance. We also offer aircrafts reequipment in accordance with the client's needs. Read more about An-2 repair… More


We repair An-2 planes, ASh-62IR engines,
AV-2 propellers

Executor: Moscow aircraft repair plant
Post address: Aviarembaza MARZ ROSTO str. 7, Chernoe, Balashiha destrict,
Moscow region, 143991, Russia
Phones: +7 (495) 522-9183, 522-9205
Fax: +7 (495) 522-9183, 527-1313
E-mail: mail@marzrosto.ru
The foundation year — 1939. 26 April 1966 the agency was renamed to Moscow Aircraft Repair Plant DOSAF. We have been repairing ASIR-62IR engines since 1978. In 1999 we started An-2 repair and in 2000 AV-2 propeller repair was also included in our services.


An-2 repair, reequipment and maintenance

  Executor: Krasnoyarsk civil aviation plant № 67
Post address: OJSC "Civil Aviation Plant № 67"
P. O. B. 497, Staryi aeroport, Krasnoyarsk, 660022, Russia
Phones: +7 (3912) 541320, 551768, 220856
Fax: +7 (3912) 541320, 551768


Engines, on-board equipment,
mechanical facilities and spare parts for An-2

  Executor: State Unitary Enterprise "AviaTehSnab"
Address: Viktorenko str, 11, Moscow, 125167, Russia
Phone +7 (495) 198-9101
Fax +7 (495) 157-6683
E-mail: brunina@rambler.ru
Our plant is a state unitary enterprise of civil aviation maintenance supply There are leading aircraft producers among our partners. Read more…


An-2 plane capital repair available

  Executor: Open joint-stock company "Aircraft repairement plant № 406
Civil aircraft"
Адрес: OJSC "Aircraft repairement plant № 406 CA", Aktobe the Airport,
Aktobe, 463003, Republic Kazakhstan
Contact person: Kadyrbaev Kuandyk Sarsenovich
Phones: +7 (3132) 977-801, +373 (3132) 227-801, +373 (3132) 228-058
E-mail: 406ga@nursat.kz, aadk@mail.ru
The factory is based in 1939 as aircraft repair workshops on repair of planes.
       Factory primary activity are major repairs of planes An-2, engines ASH-62 and other aviation technics.
       OJSC "Aircraft repairement plant № 406 CA" has own industrial buildings and constructions, warehouse, office and household premises and is provided by all kinds of energy necessary for performance of all kinds of works on repair and maintenance service of the aviation technics. The factory also is provided by own means of land service of aviation technics, станочным the equipment, the control-verifying and measuring equipment, the tool and other special means for repair and maintenance service of aviation technics.


Repair and production of An-2 spare parts

  Executor: "AviaTeh" company
Address: Kiev, Ukrain
Contact person: Aleksey I. Lagutin
Phone +38 (050) 356-3449
E-mail: aviateh@inet.ua
We produce, repair and restore the original An-2 spare parts.
We use technology of surface plastic deformation, which allows to increase the life of the spare part by up to 10 times.
We offer consultations concerning the life increase and restoration repair of An-2.


Control-recovery works by plane An-2

  Executor: "AnRem" Ltd.
Address: Chekhova 7, Vinnitsa, Ukrain, 21034
Contact person: Sergey A. Schutskiy
Phone, fax: +380 (432) 658-766, +380 (432) 272-493
E-mail: anrem@list.ru, anrem@svitonline.com
"AnRem" Ltd. it is formed in 1998, is based on Vinnitsa aviation factory "ViAz" (earlier factory № 421 Civil Aircraft). Specialises on performance of a control-recovery work (CRW) by planes An-2.
       "AnRem" Ltd. according to certificate VR 0058 which for the first time have been given out of 20.05.99 by State department of an air transportation of Ukraine, has the right to carry out maintenance service of aviation technics of planes An-2.
       All works are carried out by the highly skilled personnel according to technology CRW co-ordinated with ANTK of O. K. Antonova and Gos of scientific research institute of Civil Aircraft.
       Delivery of materials and spare parts for repair of An-2. Sale of complete sets of materials for facings a linen covering of An-2.


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Placement of the information received from aircraft repair facilities.
If you want to see the information about your An-2 maintenance workshop here,
please send.

Dear visitors, don't forget to check the certificates
and license agreements of the agencies you choose!


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