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Operation manual for An-2

Software that is needed for An-2 flight simulator installation
You'll need to install:
• Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004,
• An-2 model.

You can purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 for 35–550 euro (4 CDs),
or you can lend it from you friends to try it out (first 3 CDs). You can download the An-2 model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 from this page.

The An-2 model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Easy version
Only An-2 model.
No sounds, no full control panel.
Size of archive 1,14 Mb
Download An-2 model

Full version
An-2 model with wheel landing gear, control panel, 3-D cockpit with operating instruments, sounds, real flight operation manual for An-2.
Size of archive 15,3 Mb
Download An-2 model

Flight operation manual for An-2
and other documentation on plane An-2
In section the "Operation manual for An-2"

Plane choice in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

1. Run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.
2. Left vertical menu: choose CREATE A FLIGHT.
3. You will see a new dialog window "CREATE A FLIGHT"
    "Choose CHANGE... in point "1. Selected aircraft".
3. Dialog window "SELECT AIRCRAFT"
    point "Aircraft manufacturer". Choose Antonov.
4. Point "Aircraft model" choose An-2
5. Confirm your choice OK .
6. Now you are in the dialog window "CREATE A FLIGHT" once again. Choose FLY NOW!.

Short An-2 operation manual beginning pilots
on control of airplane An-2 for Flight Simulator 2004

Here you'll find the main necessary actions for those, who are just starting the work with
the An-2 flight simulator and haven't read the manual yet. If you are eager to take off as soon as possible — that's for you.
       The given manual doesn't take into consideration the control panel! So please use "Easy version".
       Later on we'll provide the flight operation instruction
for the control panel and we'll describe all the devices in the cockpit.

  Action Keys
  To release the parking brake .(point)
  To start the engine Ctrl+E
  Turns of the engine  
  minimum F1
  to decelerate F2
  to accelerate F3
  maximum F4
  To decelerate while taxiing-out .(point)
  Flight control An-2
  Trailing-edge flaps  
  zero flap angle F5
  to decrease the flap angle F6
  to increase the flap angle F7
  maximum flap angle F8
  to clean from a field of review the control panel W
  to clean from a field of review the devices W
  to go to the view out of the cockpit with the control panel W
  To put on the parking brake Ctrl+.(point)
  To switch off the engine Ctrl+Shift+F1


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