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Real events

A pilot's story An-2

In December 1970 we carried out a lot of flights for the geological field parties (for example, we brought food and manufactured goods to the geologists in the North of Yakutia, New Year presents for their children etc.).
     There were Maximov V. A., the command pilot, Hudoyarov V., the second pilot of Batagai air group and a representative of the provisions supply office aboard.
     During one of such flights the engine started to hiccough regularly (and there is only one engine on An-2), of course that resulted in sharp altitude loss and danger of falling etc.

Vladimir A. Maximov. Aviagroup from Batagay   From a private talk with Maximov V. A.
"The engine exhausted me so much by its hiccoughing and stops, that only the presence of other people aboard made me carry on and raise the plane even when it was about to crash down.

     All the flight till the landing was filled with the engine hiccoughs, stops, altitude losses, constant trying to bring the engine back to life.

     Only An-2 could fly under such conditions.

     When we landed and the plane was examined by the airport technical stuff, the engineer showed me a detail from our engine and it broke to pieces in his hands. He said me: "Maximov, you were born with a silver spoon in mouth".

     Thanks to professional teamwork the plane crew were able to cope with constant altitude losses, reach "Deputatskiy" airport and land successfully.
     Of course this flight was extremely stressful for the pilots, but they didn't get any rewards or extra holidays days. Even after strongest stress, psychological rehabilitation in the Soviet Union was absent — this is it was the ordinary working moment.

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